he following are papers and other professional documents that I have written

Date Written


15kSeptember 13, 2018On the advantages of writing email in HTML
6kJuly 12, 2014Booting FreeBSD from an LVM volume
22kApril 22, 2006Second Review of Nokia 770
6kApril 14, 2006Review: Nokia 770
17kDecember 29, 2005My current resume
88kAugust 9, 2004A Convert to the Fold (Replacing Windows™ infrastructure with Linux™), accepted for AUUG2004
13kOctober 2, 2002My previous resume (more of a brochure)
91kAugust 23, 2001Dynamic rate limiting in an ISP setting, presented at AUUG 2001
4kAugust 16, 1999A submission for Trips and Traps for AUUG's August 1999 edition of AUUGN
15kOctober 20, 1998Zero-risk Legacy System Re-engineering (How To Squeeze 200+ Concurrent Users Onto One Little i486)
13k1994An old copy of my resume

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