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Personal Particulars

NameDavid Newall
Telephone(04) 11 12 13 41
Date of BirthAugust 31, 1961
HobbiesBridge, Cooking, Cycling, Cinema, Theatre

Professional Affiliations

1997Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
1996Member of the Association for Computing Machinery
1987Member of the Australian Computer Society
1986-87Branch executive of SA branch of ACS
1985Affiliate of the Australian Computer Society


Peter Herraman
Peter Herraman & Associates
15 Milner Street
Prospect SA 5082
(08) 8344 7604
Mr. M. Philip
30B Koven Road
Koven Court
+65 285 7588
Mr. P. Neilson
24 Murray Street
Hobart Tas. 7000
(002) 20 6110

Technical Summary


Apple ][, ///, Macintosh
Cyber 173,
DEC 10
IBM 1130, 370
NCR Tower 1632, 32/600
Sun 3/60, 4/490, SparcStation 1
Various micros

Operating Systems

UCSD p-System
UNIX (4.4BSD, System V, Xenix, SunOS, Linux)


Assembler for 6502, 6809, 68000, 8086, CYBER 173, Z-80
C, C++


Lan Manager (OS/2 & Unix)

Applications Written

General accounting (debtors, creditors, payroll, stock)
Club membership
Hospital (patient) billing
Insurance broking
Job costing
Public bar stock management
Real estate management (Rentals & Sales)
Word processor

Systems Tools Written

BASIC interpreter
CASE tools
Device independent terminal handler
Network management
Report writer
Window manager
Extended precision math libraries

Employment Details

January 1992 to Present

DNA Pty. Ltd.
Computer Consulting
PC's, MS-DOS, Macintosh, Unix
TCP/IP, Tuxedo, Informix SQL, C, C++

Since January 1992, I have been practicing as a computer consultant and contract programmer.  Projects include:

February 1991 to January 1992

Olivetti Australia
Unix & Network Support
Lan Manager, TCP/IP, NFS, CAP

My duties at Olivetti included:-

The products for which I provide support include Olivetti's complete range of ISA and EISA PC's running MS-DOS, OS/2 and UNIX; Networks based on Lan Manager, Lan Manager for Unix, Novell and TCP/IP; and ODIS (Olivetti's document imaging system.)

I have written, in C, a program to aid with the diagnosis of faults in an Olivetti betting terminal.

July 1990 to November 1990

Unique Software Centre
NCR Tower, PC-386
Unix, Xenix, MS-Dos
C, C++, Pascal, Informix C-ISAM, Today

My main duties included:

Projects included:

August 1987 to July 1990

South Australian Institute of Technology
Unix Systems Programmer
VAX, Sun, NCR Tower
VMS, SunOS, Unix

I was responsible for support of all Institute academic Unix systems which variously included NCR Tower 32/600's, diskless and diskfull SUN 3/60's, a SUN Sparcstation 1 and a SUN 4/490.  A multi-protocol network interconnected the machines.

My duties included preparation of benchmarks for selection of new systems; participation in hardware selection committees; installation of new systems; periodic maintenance of systems; design and preparation of operator facilities; design and development of student accounting; installation, support and maintenance of networking software; installation, support and maintenance of electronic mail systems; registration of users; monitoring and maintenance of system security.  Although not part of my official duties, I also assisted with configuration and maintenance of Macintosh networking facilities.

Networking facilities included NFS, TCP/IP and ACSnet (SUN III).  Electronic mail software used was Elm and Sendmail.

I developed a disk and usage accounting system for the Unix systems, which integrated with the Institute's VMS accounting system.

I was a member of the Elm development group, which develops and maintains Elm, a publicly owned e-mail user agent.  The members of the development group are spread over a number of continents and so this project represents a major undertaking in collaborative computing.

July 1985 to August 1987

DNA Pty. Ltd.
Self Employed
MS-DOS, Unix, UCSD p-System
Pascal, C, Today

I was responsible for all aspects of operating my company, and particularly of software design, development and support.

For six months I researched 4GL's and CASE tools, resulting in a comprehensive array of tools which I used for my major project.

The major project, written in Pascal, was a multi-user insurance broking package; essentially an accounting package for insurance brokers.  One of the most important design goals was system reliability and I am proud to report that the system, which is currently installed in five insurance broking offices, has had less than 0.1% downtime in over 35,000 hours cumulative operation.

I helped produce a telemarketing systems, written in C for Unix System V, which provided for central telephone ordering.  Orders were dispatched by modem to regional delivery centres (pizza kitchens).

I was invited to lecture at Elizabeth TAFE.  Subjects were Programming Fundamentals which included problem solving, NS charts, pseudo-code, flow-charts, Boolean logic and structured programming; and Information Processing Concepts which included computer literacy, hardware, operating systems, languages and office automation.

A summary of additional projects:

I ceased working for myself to take a 3 year contract with the South Australian Institute of Technology.  The major motivation for this move was the security of a regular income.

August 1983 to July 1985

Associated Computer Service
Development Manager
UCSD p-System, Apple ///, MS-DOS
Pascal, 6502, 8086 assembly

My duties included:

March 1983 to August 1983

Syntax Systems Pty. Ltd.
Contract Programmer
Apple ///, Pascal

At Syntax Systems I designed and wrote the payroll and petty cash modules of an integrated general accounting system written in Pascal for the Apple ///.

Following this I was seconded to ACS.  That secondment became permanent.

March 1982 to February 1983

Canon Australia (Vic) Pty. Ltd.
Victorian State Programmer
Canon CX-1, BX-1, AX-1, SX-320

My duties at Canon included support of all of Victorian and Tasmanian sites.  This largely involved providing operational assistance via telephone; and locating and correcting bugs in Canon's software.

While at Canon I also wrote a hospital billing program for use in a group of private nursing homes.  The system requirements were determined in conjunction with the group's manager and with the account salesman.  The program was written in BASIC for the CX-1 microcomputer.

March 1981 to March 1982

Cadzow Schleuter Pty Ltd
Altos, Archives
CP/M, Pascal

At Cadzow's I worked with one other programmer and a chartered accountant, designing and implementing modules for a general accounting package which was written in Pascal for CP/M.  My duties included design of data and reporting requirements, and researching legal responsibilities for stock and payroll modules.

September 1979 to February 1981

Various Contracts
Apple ][, Cromenco, Canon BX-1

I undertook a number of short term contracts including:

September 1978 to October 1978

CASSR, Flinders University
DEC-10, Tops-10, Fortran

During the year of my matriculation, I wrote a program for the Centre for Applied Social Science Research at Flinders University.  The program, written in FORTRAN on the DEC-10, provided graphical analysis of census data.