ecently I bought a Minolta DiMAGE X digital camera.  Here are some galleries of pictures that I've taken.  You can click on any image to download a 1600x1200 pixel rendition for printing or better viewing, but be warned that these each is about 150 to 350KBytes in size.

Gallery NameDate Taken
My House My HouseNovember 16, 2002
Victoria's Birthday Victoria's BirthdayNovember 17, 2002
The Umbrella The UmbrellaNovember 23, 2002
Julianne's Barbecue Julianne's BarbecueDecember 1, 2002
Solar Eclipse 2002 Solar Eclipse 2002December 4, 2002
Steven's Christmas Party Steven's Christmas PartyDecember 14, 2002
2002 Linuxsa Barbecue 2002 Linuxsa BarbecueDecember 15, 2002
Eyes EyesDecember 15, 2002
Pre-Christmas Drinks at Tim and Rose's Pre-Christmas Drinks at Tim'sDecember 21, 2002
Inside a Motorla GSM Handset Inside a Motorla GSM HandsetDecember 23, 2002
Pre-Christmas Drinks at The British Pre-Christmas Drinks at The BritishDecember 23, 2002
Christmas Lunch Christmas LunchDecember 25, 2002
Surfing in the Pool Surfing in the PoolFebruary 13, 2003

All images are copyright © by David Newall.  Permission is granted to reproduce these images for non-commercial purposes so long as David is credited as the photographer and his gallery URL, http://davidnewall.com/gallery/, is included as the source of the image.