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Permit me to speak plainly: I'm a computer programmer; it's the only job I've ever held.  I'm also a consultant: I provide bespoke business solutions, which means original solutions tailored to the needs of individual businesses.  My solutions are always innovative, often spectacularly so, such as a system I helped produce for a telco, which permitted hundreds of Macintosh computers to access their legacy applications running on an IBM main-frame, a large VAX and even a telephone switch.  You can read about it in my paper, Zero Risk Legacy System Re-engineering (How To Squeeze 200+ Concurrent Users Onto One Little i486).

I've recently done much work on web applications, for example a B2B ordering system that I wrote for a logistics company, which adds value to their COBOL accounting system by providing on-line ordering, beautiful, PDF documents such as invoices and statements, and a Web repository for their customers to retrieve previously issued documents.

N.B. my current resume.

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Please contact David by email david@davidnewall.com, or by telephone on 0411 121 341.

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